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Hello and welcome to the erishta.com! A great matrimony platform for single Muslims.

Question : Is this really for you?

  • Are you tired of searching through Muslim matrimonial websites where quite simply the majority of profiles are a million miles away from what you are looking for?
  • Are you looking for a professional and practising Muslim marriage partner who shares an active passion for Islam?
  • Does the level of religious awareness your partner has, have a significant importance in your criteria for an ideal marriage partner?

If you have answered "YES" to all the above questions then erishta is the right choice.
If you have answered "NO" then maybe erishta.com isn't for you.

Muslim Matrimony Site

erishta or erishta.com is not a dating website but rather a site made specifically for Muslims who are looking to get married. We advise our members to follow the rules of Islam (Shariah) when interacting with one another. If you, a brother, are interested in speaking to a Muslim sister, we advise contacting her Wali and asking permission first. We also advise Muslim parents to sign up on behalf of their sons or daughters, so they can work together in finding the best suitable match.

By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you agree to follow the rules of Islam when dealing with the opposite gender. We are doing our best to make sure we can provide a halal environment for Muslim men and women to find potential spouses. For this reason, we do not have chat rooms where people can publicly socialize about topics not related to marriage, nor do we have options of "sending flirts" like other Muslim Marriage sites do. As a reminder to all of us, Allah (swt) is watching all our actions, online and offline.

It is solely passion that drives the team of erishta to work to bring together millions of single hearts on one platform to find their desired partner for life. It is also very simple to go through the procedure of finding your life partner with erishta, you just have to create your profile and simply review your matches or perform customised searches.

Why Us?

  • Premium Muslim Matrimony Services
  • Real profiles, No fakes.
  • Multiple levels of account verification
  • Profile Trust Badges
  • Secure Messaging Service
  • A safe, secure, and trusted matrimony site
  • erishta is completely Private

Your profile is safe from prying eyes.

We at erishta respect every member's privacy and only allow verified members to view your profile. The only people that should be looking at your profile are people who are also looking to get married. Privacy has been one of the main reasons why many single Muslims are choosing erishta to find their other half.

Not only is privacy important to our members but to parents (walis) alike. Looking for a spouse is not an easy process and we try to keep it as private as possible. The last thing you want is your profile to show up on Google search. Our sole purpose is to help you find your other half, comfortable and privately. That is why we only allow premium members to send secure messages. Free browsing is not an option here at erishta. If you are serious about getting married and want to do it discretely, then you have come to the right place.

erishta is the fastest growing matrimonial portal. We offer a superior matchmaking experience for prospective brides and grooms to meet and communicate with each other by expanding the opportunities available to meet potential life partners and build fulfilling relationships.

We at erishta really care about protecting your data for more information please review our privacy policy

Our Promise

When life did not promise to be wonderful; here comes the role of someone special who promises to share the joys in life, to be there with you whenever in need and to be your strength when something goes wrong and make it come alive.

A promise is like a cloud and its fulfilment is like rain. Every human heart is voracious of promise for the love and strength it brings along. We promise to endeavour to find your perfect match across Muslim communities. We aim to bring you the right matches and help you connect.

Keeping it simple like a gentlemen's word, Never make promises you cannot keep", always live by the promises you make. And promise should be assurance; not endurance.

When Allah (SWT) has promised that someone special is out there for everyone, we will strive to help you find that special someone.

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erishta is happy to announce that our exclusive Muslim Matrimony website has launched and is taking registrations, so don’t delay register today! Those who have already registered, we thank them, whilst also insisting that they complete the profile verification requirements.

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Do partake in our efforts, come on board and let’s have a journey together!

With all start-up websites we do not have a huge numbers of registered profiles already and unlike many other matrimonial websites on the Internet, we do not wish to start with bogus profiles. We need to have a loyal community behind our website, therefore we decided to offer Promotional Offer of Premium Membership to everyone with No Monthly Fees (T&C Applies).

Premium Membership

erishta.com is offering a promotional deal! Premium Membership with No Monthly Fees. At erishta.com we also give our member’s the opportunity to attend our exclusive matrimony networking events.

How to become member?

It is very simple to become member. You have to choose the membership package as per your choice and simply click on "BUY NOW". Once you click at buy button, you will be taken to the payment gateway where you can choose your mode of payment and easily and safely buy the membership.

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